Skirts vs Pants

Since I grew up with three older brothers, I was a bit of a tomboy. As a young girl I always wore pants and never really liked wearing anything else. But being apostolic I struggled with only wearing skirts, I always questioned why it was so important for me to wear skirts. When I was in middle school I would change my skirt to pants before school, because I just wanted to be like everyone else. I’m pretty sure I am not the only Apostoolic girl that did that. I would ask myself ‘would God really send me to hell for just wearing pants’. As I got a little older and I chose got baptised, my new fear was seeing someone from my church while I wasn’t wearing a skirt. I was scared of what they would think about me. And even after getting baptised, and still to this day, I still ask myself the same question. I remember constantly talking about this with some church friends. When my church girl friends and I would hangout, we would rack our brains trying to understand this belief. We would say things like ‘pants covers up more than a skirt does’,‘it gets too cold to wear skirt sometimes’, or ‘nothing looks good with skirts’. These were the thoughts of about 14/15 year old girls. Girls that were at that point in their lives where it was all about fitting in. As time when on and I kept getting older I started to understand more. Now a days the pants girls wear are skin tight, and if I put myself in a parents’ shoes I wouldn’t want my daughter wearing pants that tight either (my personal opinion only). I understand the parents view of this situation and I don’t blame them for feeling this way. But the times have changed and it is extremely difficult to find skirts at the “right” length. I’m not saying that because times change that we must conform to those changes as well, but we should change our mentally towards skirts. We shouldn’t be so fixated on Apostolic girls wearing the right length skirt, because she could be wearing the right length skirt but be the most lost. And the girl that wears a skirt that’s “too short” could have an amazing relationship with God. That’s all that matters at the end of the day right? The type of relationship you have with God. There are women who are amazing followers of God and wear pants, will God over look all the good work they’ve done for him because they wore pants? Instead of focusing on the length of the girls’ skirts, why not focus on their spiritual well being. I believe that if your relationship with God is pure and truthful then you will know how to dress, because you’ll have the conviction of knowing what is a good representation of a follower of God. 

Word Count: 490

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