Different Parenting Methods

So this post is going to be a little different than my usual ones, it’s definitely going to be more personal. I’m going to be telling you about how it was for me growing up with one parent in church and the other not. Both my parents believe in God but my mom is more into it than my dad. By this I mean my mom lives by the rules of the Apostolic assembly, while my dad does not. As a little girl I found myself in the middle of what my dad and mom would say is right. I remember a specific time where I was shopping with my dad and he saw some pants. He asked my if I liked them and I told him I did but that I don’t wear pants. His face looked a little focused and he told me that I could wear pants and that there was nothing wrong with them. But constantly going to church with my mom I was taught to only wear skirts, so I was conflicted and didn’t know how to respond to my dad. It was basically that way the rest of my childhood. My dad would tell my siblings and I one thing but my mom had taught us something different. And my siblings and I were mommy’s babies so we listened to her more. My mom and dad’s teachings or beliefs weren’t extremely different, but my dad’s would go against the ones of the church. As I got older I just learned to listen to what my dad has to say about something, but I knew what I believed. This goes the same for my mom as well, at times. Due to having two parents with different beliefs, I didn’t grow up confused about my religion. In fact, I think growing up hearing both sides made me see certain beliefs from both sides. I think now I have different beliefs from my dad and mom, they aren’t super different but they are a mix of both my parents beliefs in a way. I know in my post about “Dating Inside vs Outside” I said that dating someone with different beliefs won’t work out and part of that is because of how I grew up with parents that were at odds when it came to beliefs. My advice for anyone who grew up this way would be to just find the beliefs that you believe in, if that makes sense. It’s ok to believe in different things than your parents. As long as you respect them and their beliefs they will respect yours as well, and if they don’t then you know that you are doing right thing by respecting theirs.

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