Debunking The Myth

This post is going to be dedicated to debunking the greatest myth about churches or religion in general. Whenever something goes wrong in a church I have always heard at least one person say “this is a church, that shouldn’t happen” or “shouldn’t church be a place full of ‘chirstian’ people”. There’s this idea that church people are supposed to be ‘perfect’ and should never do anything wrong because they go to church, right? Well at any church, just like any other organization, has its issues and mistakes. People that typically attend church are in fact really broken and are trying to find their way. Those that go to church are regular people with regular emotions, and even though they practice strong beliefs, they still are humans that make mistakes. When someone with a church background does or says something bad they are harshly criticized, but everyone needs to remember that church people make mistakes like everyone else. Like anywhere you go there will be cruel people, of course in churches people don’t expect that, but that is the harsh reality of it. Even at church there are people that simply go just to warm up a seat and refuse to change. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and the consequences that follow, even if they’re from a church, the churchs’ job is to try and guide their members. No one is perfect, not even church people. At the end of the day you shouldn’t judge a church based off the mistake of one member. Nor should you base your attendance of the church on who goes, because going to church is YOUR choice. Your relationship with God is between you and him, not you, him, and the people who go to your church. With all this being said there are good and bad people that can be found in a church, just like you’d find them anywhere. I believe people like that are in church for a reason, to teach you to be strong in your beliefs no matter what others do/say. 

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