Ever heard the saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, well I’ve heard it way more than I should have. Whenever I hear someone say this I would think to myself “I’m nothing like my friends, we are different people”, but as I got older I realized that I was definitely lying to myself. I don’t want to say that this is 100% true for everyone because in reality I don’t know, but in my experience this saying has proven to be true. I sometimes would catch myself acting or saying something my friends would, and my family would call me out on it. Being young I would of course defend my friends and deny that I was acting like them or that they even acted like that. How could you not act like your friends? You are with them for a big portion of your time. I want to say it’s humans way of adapting to our surroundings, our friends being the surroundings. It’s basically nature to begin to walk, talk, or act like your friends. And this is why adults tell their kids “don’t hangout with kids that do drugs because then you’ll do it too.” Adults don’t mean that we are too weak to stand strong in our beliefs and simple say no, they say this because there is going to come a time when you are going to give in just for your friends to stop talking about it. I know you must be thinking that I went to the extreme by saying “drugs” but it’s merely an example. You could replace “kids that do drugs” with honestly anything like kids that gossip, lie, steal, cheat, etc. I don’t want to say I hung around bad people because I didn’t but the people I did hang around had some bad habits that I ended up getting. Being friends with them for so long I slowing saw myself become a different person, someone I didn’t want to be. I always felt like I never quite fit in with them, but they were my friends so I would push that feeling aside. I honestly wish I would’ve just found people I fit in better with, nothing that they did, because continuing to hang around them changed me. Our beliefs were different and I would very often find myself going against my beliefs just to be like them. You may think friends don’t have a big impact on you but they do. Maybe for a day think about the similarities between the way you act and your friends do.

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