Adapting To Your Environment

It’s hard to be Apostolic everywhere you go. And it’s not that you don’t want to stand up for what you believe in but I think it has to do with feeling including. Speaking from personal experience I have found myself at times acting different in different environments. What I mean by this is, for example, at school I would act a certain way just to fit it, and this was the same with work as well. It was like I was adapting myself to my surrounds. It is difficult, especially the time we live in, to be a young apostolic. Because a part of us just wants to fit in with everyone and not “stand out” or be different. I have caught myself saying and doing things I know was wrong just to feel like part of the group. I know there are others who have done this as well. There has even been times where someone would ask me “are you really into your religion” and I would tell them “eghh not really” but on the inside I knew I was lying. Why lie? I asked myself this question so many times, and it has to do with what you value more fitting in or God. You could say I would value feeling included over God many times because I hated the feeling of not belonging. But I came to realize that how could I favor this over the one who died on a cross for me, over someone who was beaten for me, over someone who gave and continues to give me what I need. If you are someone who does this, dig deep within yourself to find out why. Then when you find your “why” ask yourself is this worth more than God?

Word Count: 297

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