Altar & Sacrifice

Building an altar and making a sacrifice. When I say building an altar I don’t mean the altar some build on Día De Los Muertos. I mean build a place in your home where it is dedicated to prayer, you don’t have to make it look like a church or anything. It could simply be a spot in your bedroom. By making a sacrifice it isn’t an actual killing sacrifice, it’s a sacrifice of fleshy desire. These two things are something I just learned about. I learned that building an altar and making a sacrifice go hand and hand. In order to advance in your spiritual life you have to give God a place in your life and home, thus building an altar in your home. An altar is were we can encounter God in an amazing way, church isn’t the only place we can feel God’s presence. After making an altar we have to also make sacrifices for God. The type of sacrifices I’m talking about are waking up at 5am to pray, fasting, or not watching your favorite show to read the bible. Without making sacrifices for God, you can’t expect to feel him, because you aren’t demonstrating that he is a priority in your life. In order to grow in your spiritual life you have to be able to say no to you flesh and yes to the things of God. Saying no to your fleshly desires may seem difficult, I myself find it extremely difficult, but God sacrificed his only son so that all of us could have eternal life. Knowing that God did this, makes my sacrifices seem small and worth it. 

Word Count: 277

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