Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! Just thought my first post should be a “get to know me” so that you’ll know a little bit about the person behind the blog. My name is Karina I grew up in a small town by the beach, then I moved after finishing elementary school. Since then I have moved around a bit but I stayed in the same area. I grew up with both my parents and three older brothers, and I am the only daughter. So as you can imagine I turned out to be a big tomboy. The biggest part about me I’d have to say is my religion, which is basically what this blog is about. As I grew up and went through different phases of my life I always wished there was some sort of guide to being a young apostolic girl. Now I’m fully aware that you probably have no idea what ‘apostolic’ is, it is the belief that the father (God), the son (Jesus), and the holy spirit as one being. Apostolic beliefs are based on the teachings of the Bible and the lifestyle is based along the lines of one of a conservative. We believe that because God is holy, so we must also be holy this meaning that our bodies is like a temple, and we must try our best to keep it clean. For example, our belief is against tattoos, jewelry, women/girls wearing pants, and men/boys wearing tight pants. As many would think this is a harsh and strict lifestyle, for me it has been the only lifestyle I’ve known. Personally I don’t agree with all the beliefs of the Apostolic church but that is why I wanted my blog to be on this topic. So I could share different sides to some controversial topics in my religion. PSA this blog is my personal opinions on the Apostolic beliefs, and my intentions aren’t to offend anyone nor the Aposotlic religion. Hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

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